DongLian Design Group got supports for “Wei Wei Agricultural” from Shanghai municipal Science and Technology Commission.

In December, 2011, DongLian Design Group completed the plan of scientific research project of  Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointed with DongLian Tower and Shanghai Wei Wei agricultural development limited company, which allowed it to achieve subject research funds from City science and technology commission after the Unanimously approval  of the Related experts.

The project is called the Model research and Application of Facing City Agricultural Landscape and Leisure Services. The research target is located in deep exploration the new developing direction of City agricultural landscape leisure  industry mode. Through focusing on city needs, the project aims to lead to the development of agricultural economy  traditional, to integrate idle city land space resources, to realize new luminescent spot of the agricultural landscape  leisure industry development, to deeply excavate the new mode of tertiary industry development, to integrate high and new information technology for high agricultural leisure industry using which will become the new approach for optimizing the industrial structure and increasing agricultural income, as well as  to improve new pattern of urban and rural residents  of leisure life quality and finally to promote agricultural leisure economy new growth. At present, we have gain the firstsupport fund.