The Coalition Agreement between and Tongji University

In November, 2011,  and Tongji University officially signed a coalition agreement called Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program. At that time, they both created with cooperation the program called “Tongji university engineering  practice center”. We have become their alliance unit of the Excellent engineer education and training program authorized by Tongji university.
Tongji university’s the Excellent engineer education and training program aims to make full use of high quality resource of enterprise culture’s innovation talent, to establish a social environment for cultivating innovative talents, to  improve the students' practical ability and innovative ability, and to cultivate more and more excellent talents for the  state and society basing on the principle of “State support, industry guidance, classified implementation, the

school-enterprise cooperation, diverse forms”.

Through close cooperation, it was the first attempt for us to establish long-term and stable university practice base, to explore the new pattern of union training for innovative and practical talents, and to construct the personnel transport  channel meeting the developing demands of enterprise. Furthermore, we aim to achieve the sharing of resources and the  sharing of resources on employment, product development, technology transfer, technical training and other aspects.