The official establishment of Oriental Garden Southern Union Design Group

After just four months since the Oriental Garden got the acquisition of Shanghai Tower Design Institute on July 15,2011, it took the next solid step------Oriental Garden Southern Union Design Group ( DongLian design group for abbreviation  ) was official established on November 18th, showing its resolution to enter into the market in Yangtze River Delta and South China.

The orientation of DongLian design group is to build the creation and development brand with green design for special features, which will be the most influential and comprehensive in China southern. Currently we own the following four design brands: Tower Design, East Lihe (Shanghai), East Planning and Yingbei Incubation Center. By now we have the total amount of 300 famous designers from all over the world, with more than 160 intermediate and senior title designer. we have got both Class A certificate for landscape design qualification and scenic tourism planning qualification with four special advantages for a) the international team; b)  multiple areas of resources sharing; c) Innovation to lead hatch; and d) The integration of strategic layout with producing, learning and researching.

The establishment of DongLian design group, for internal, will form the complementation advantages and linkage bwteen two core technologies in Beijing and Shanghai, then greatly enhance its own project digestion. And for external, DongLian will become the bridgehead of the Oriental Garden in Shanghai, covering the east China, southeast coastal and the southwest, or we can say, DongLian will break the existing south design pattern. As one of the core design brands for internal-----Tower Design. It has the strong market competitiveness and market appeal, specializing in high intensity assault and innovation, which will definitely make up the brand gap in landscape design field for Oriental Garden.